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Veterans Should Politically Banish Kerry for Disgracing The Marine Corps Memorial, January 26, 2004
by Major Richard G.  ("Rick") Erickson

On the cover of The New Soldier by John Kerry and Vietnam Veterans Against The War, hippies clad in a mismatch of military uniforms are pictured mocking the legendary image of Marines raising the American flag atop Mount Suribachi in the 1945 battle for Iwo Jima.  Today, the Iwo Jima image is a memorial statue that sits above Arlington National Cemetery and honors all Marines killed in action since 1775.  It is one of the most recognized and visited sites in our Capitol City.  

The New Soldier never made it on the reading list at our military academies.  In the cover photo that ridicules the Marine Corps Memorial, one of Kerry’s cronies is tugging on our flag, which is hung upside down as the ultimate symbol of sedition and treachery to all veterans who rallied behind our flag in battle.  On the day of that shameful photograph and with its mass circulation on the cover of The New Soldier, at least 6,821 Marines who died at Iwo Jima turned over in their graves. 

Of all the reasons why John F.  Kerry will not become President of the United States, the biggest reason has to be that, once he returned home from Vietnam, he betrayed his fellow servicemen who remained at war.  Kerry not only allied with the likes of Hanoi Jane Fonda, but, before the United States Senate in 1971, Kerry went as far as to belittle the bravery of embattled troops by generalizing their every action in Vietnam as an atrocity.   

No one questioned General George S.  Patton, III, when he accused Kerry of treason in giving aid and comfort to the enemy, especially when it was revealed that North Vietnam incorporated Kerry’s exploits into its communist propaganda machine.  However, because of the prevalence of treason at the time and the monumental task of prosecuting Kerry and his proclaimed “revolutionaries,” Kerry’s actions went unpunished and the associated advances of communism went unhindered.   

Fortunately, today’s veterans and Americans who overwhelmingly support our armed forces tend to disparage those who dishonor military service and then pretend to be capable of our country’s highest office.  This political reality afflicted Bill Clinton, whose anti-military past kept him from winning any more than forty-nine percent of the popular vote.  No wonder Kerry’s presidential campaign is doing its best to subvert his estrangement from veterans and service people in general. 

The tact of Kerry for President looks a lot like Clinton-Gore’s approach to deceiving voters that such an obvious liability is really the opposite.  When Kerry marched in the Veteran’s Day parade in Phoenix last year, in tow behind him were a few people carrying “Veterans for Kerry” placards.  Some placard carriers looked like the ragtag types on the cover of The New Solider in that they were unshaven, wearing circa 1971 clothes and appeared disoriented. 

 The ongoing insult is that “Veterans for Kerry” is supposed to represent the veteran community’s support of Kerry, when the reality is that very few veterans support him.  Most veterans cannot forgive Kerry for Vietnam Veterans Against The War and its promotion of communism when we were fighting communists.  As far as U.S.  Marines are concerned, we ought to ensure that Kerry is forever banished from the White House for dishonoring our Memorial on the cover of The New Soldier. 

Rick Erickson is an attorney and Major in the Marine Corps (Reserve) currently serving as Deputy Judge Advocate to the Commanding Officer, NORAD/USNORTHCOM.  Rick’s experience as an infantry officer in Mogadishu, Somalia led to his appointment as Director.


An interesting analysis of news reporting!
Study: CBS Most Anti-Bush Network.

--A study released Friday by, a directory Web site for media criticism, showed that the American television networks have been far more critical of President Bush than his would-be successor, Senator John Kerry. Of the three nightly news programs on the broadcast television networks, CBS's Evening News led the pack in favoritism toward the Massachusetts Democrat.

The analysis, conducted by the independent media analysis company Media Tenor International concluded that while the incumbent Bush received a good deal more coverage than Kerry, it was far more likely to be negative than positive.

"Network news broadcasts in January and February contained on average nearly three times more negative news statements about President Bush than about Senator John Kerry," the Web site said.

Dan Rather's broadcast was the most lopsided in its treatment of the two
presidential candidates, virtually mirroring its coverage. Thirty-five percent
of its statements about Bush were negative while only 9 percent were positive. In contrast, 38 percent of CBS's mentions of Kerry were positive and just 8 percent were negative.

The study confirms Rather and his colleagues' position as the most biased of the "Big Three" against President Bush. An earlier report following the ending of the campaign to oust Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein from power conducted by the Center for Media and Public Affairs showed that CBS was the most negative toward the efforts to rebuild Iraq.


Another perspective RE: John Kerry
From Don Bendell ... An Open Letter to John Kerry:
My wife had rotator cuff surgery earlier this year, and the
recovery is terribly painful. Then, she developed a staph-epi 
infection, and they had to cut the same scar open and operate
on her again. Just thinking about the pain and anxiety of
facing that painful surgery a second time in the same wound
makes me cringe. That experience, however pales in comparison
to what I am going through right now, in my heart.
The old hurts are surfacing and the feelings of betrayal by
fellow citizens, and their leader stirring them up, are
breaking my heart again. I am being cut in the same scar. How
did we who served in Vietnam suddenly become cold-blooded
killers, torturers, and rapists, of the ilk of the Nazi SS or
the Taliban? Most of us were American soldiers who grew up
idolizing John Wayne, Roy Rogers, and all the other heroes.
That was why I volunteered. But for political expediency, John
Kerry has rewritten history, again. After spending only four
months in the country of Vietnam, John Kerry testified before
Congress in 1971 with these exact words about incidents he
supposedly witnessed or heard about from other vets: "They
personally raped, cut off ears, cut off heads, taped wires
from portable telephones to human genitals and turned up the
power, cut off limbs, blown up bodies, randomly shot at
civilians, razed villages, shot cattle and dogs for fun,
poisoned food stocks, and generally ravaged the countryside
of South Vietnam."
I was a Green Beret officer who volunteered for duty in
Vietnam and fought in the thick of it in 1968 and 1969 on a
Special Forces A-team on the Ho Chi Minh Trail, just for
starters. We were the elite. We saw the most action. Everybody
in the world knows that. But we did not just kill people, we
built a church, a school, treated illnesses, passed out soap,
food, and clothing, and had fun and loving interaction with
the indigenous people of Vietnam, just like our boys did in
Normandy, Baghdad, Saigon, and everywhere American soldiers
ever served. We all gave away our candy bars and rations to
kids. Our hearts to oppressed people all over the globe.
My children and grandchildren could read your words, and think
those horrendous things about me, Mr. Kerry. You are a bold-
faced, unprincipled liar, and a disgrace, and you have
dishonored me and all my fellow Vietnam veterans. Sure, there
were a couple bad-apples, but I saw none, and I saw it all,
and if I did, as an army officer, it was my obligation to stop
it, or at the very least report it. Why is there not a single
record anywhere of you ever reporting any incidents like this
or having the perpetrators arrested? The answer is simple. You
are a liar. Your medals and mine are not a free pass for
lifetime, Senator Kerry, to bypass character, integrity, and
morality. I earn my green beret over and over daily in all
aspects of my life.
Eight National Guard green berets, and other National Guard
soldiers, have been killed in Iraq and Afghanistan, and you
totally dishonored their widows and families by lumping
National Guard service in with being a draft-dodger,
conscientious objector, and deserter, just so you can try to
sabotage the patriotism of our President who proudly served
as an Air National Guard jet pilot. I have a son earning his
green beret at Fort Bragg right now, and his wife serves
honorably in the Air National Guard, just like President Bush
did, and I am as proud of her as I am my son. I volunteered
for Vietnam and have no problem whatsoever with President
Bush being our Commander-In-Chief. In fact, I am proud of him
as our leader.
John Kerry, you personally derailed the Vietnam Human rights
Bill, HR2883, in 2001, after it had passed the House by a 411
to 1 vote, and thousands of pro-American Montagnard tribes-
people in Vietnam died since then who could have been saved,
by you. Earlier, as Chair of the Senate Select Committee on
MIA/POW Affairs, you personally quashed the efforts of any
and all veterans to report sightings of living POW's, when
you held those reins in Congress. You have fought tooth and
nail to push for the US to normalize relations with Vietnam
for years. Why, Mr. Kerry? Simple, your first cousin C.
Stewart Forbes, CEO, of Colliers International, recently
signed a contract with Hanoi, worth BILLIONS of dollars for
Collier's International to become the exclusive real estate
representative for the country of Vietnam.
"Hanoi John," now that it works for you, you beat your chest
about your Vietnam service, but to me, you are a phony,
opportunistic, hypocrite. You are one of those politicians
that are like a fertilizer machine: all that comes out of
 you is horse manure, and you are spreading it everywhere.
Medals do not make a man. Morals do.
Don Bendell
Canon City, Colorado
Don Bendell served as an officer in four Special Forces
Groups, is a best-selling author with over 1,500,000 books
in print, a 1995 inductee into the International Karate Hall
of Fame, and owns karate schools in southern Colorado.



Kerry was indisputably brave in Vietnam, and it's kind of cute
to see Democrats pretend to admire military service. Physical
courage, like chastity, is something liberals usually deride,
but are tickled when it accidentally manifests itself in one
of their own. One has to stand in awe of Kerry's military
service 33 years ago. Of course, that's where it ends, including
with Kerry -- inasmuch as, upon his return from war in 1970, he
   promptly began trashing his fellow Vietnam vets by calling them
 genocidal murderers.

But if Bush can't talk to Kerry about the horrors of war, then
Kerry sure as hell can't talk to anyone about the plight of the
middle class.

Kerry's life experience consists of living off other men's
money by marrying their wives and daughters. For over 30 years,
Kerry's primary occupation has been stalking lonely heiresses.
Not to get back to his combat experience, but Kerry sees a room
full of wealthy widows as "a target-rich environment." This is
a guy whose experience dealing with tax problems is based on
spending his entire adult life being supported by rich women.

What does a kept man know about taxes?
In 1970, Kerry married into the family of Julia Thorne -- a
family estimated to be worth about $300 million. She got
depressed, so he promptly left her and was soon seen catting
around with Hollywood starlets, mostly while the cad was still
married. (Apparently, JFK really was his mentor.) Thorne is
well-bred enough to say nothing ill of her Lothario ex-husband.
He is, after all, the father of her children -- a fact that
never seemed to constrain him. When Kerry was about to become
the latest Heinz family charity, he sought to have his marriage
to Thorne annulled, despite the fact that it had produced two
children. It seems his second meal ticket, Teresa Heinz, wanted
the first marriage annulled - and Heinz is worth more than $700 million.

Kerry claims he will stand up to powerful interests, but he
can't even stand up to his wife. Heinz made Kerry sign a
prenuptial agreement, presumably aware of how careless he is
with other people's property, such as other people's Vietnam
War medals, which Kerry threw on the ground during a 1971 anti-
war demonstration.

At pains to make Kerry sound like a normal American, his
campaign has described how Kerry risked everything, mortgaging 
                          his home in Boston to help pay for his presidential campaign. Technically,
Kerry took out a $6 million mortgage for "his
share" of "the family's home" -- which was bought with the
Heinz family fortune. (Why should he spend his own money? He
didn't throw away his own medals.) I'm sure the average
working stiff in Massachusetts can relate to a guy who borrows
$6 million against his house to pay for TV ads.

Kerry's campaign has stoutly insisted that he will pay off the
mortgage himself, with no help from his rich wife. Let's see:
According to tax returns released by his campaign, in 2002,
Kerry's income was $144,091. But as The Washington Post
recently reported, even a $5 million mortgage paid back over
30 years at favorable interest rates would cost $30,389 a
month -- or $364,668 a year.

The Democrats' joy at nominating Kerry is perplexing. To be
sure, liberals take a peculiar, wrathful pleasure in
supporting pacifist military types. And Kerry's life story is
not without a certain feral aggression. But if we're going to
determine fitness for office based on life experience, Kerry
clearly has no experience dealing with problems of typical
Americans since he is a cad and a gigolo living in the lap of
other men's money.

Kerry is like some character in a Balzac novel, an adventurer
twirling the end of his mustache and preying on rich women.
This low-born poseur with his threadbare pseudo-Brahmin family
bought a political career with one rich woman's money, dumped
her, and made off with another heiress to enable him to run
for president.

If Democrats want to talk about middle-class tax cuts, couldn't
they nominate someone who hasn't been a poodle to rich women
for past 33

Don't forget:
John Kerry is strong on defense

He voted to kill the Bradley Fighting Vehicle He voted to kill
the M-1 Abrams Tank He voted to kill every Aircraft carrier
laid down from 1988 He voted to kill the Aegis anti aircraft
system He voted to Kill the F-15 strike eagle He voted to Kill
the Block 60 F-16 He voted to Kill the P-3 Orion upgrade He
voted to Kill the B-1 He voted to Kill the B-2 He voted to
Kill the Patriot anti Missile system He voted to Kill the
FA-18 He voted to Kill the B-2 He voted to Kill the F117

In short, he voted to kill every military appropriation for
the development and deployment of every weapons systems since
1988 to include the battle armor for our troops. With Kerry
as president our Army will be made up of naked men running
around with sticks and clubs.

He also voted to kill all anti terrorism activities of every
agency of the U.S. Government and to cut the funding of the
FBI by 60%, to cut the funding for the CIA by 80%, and cut
the funding for the NSA by 80%. But then he voted to increase
OUR funding for U.N operations by 800%!!!

Is THIS the PRESIDENT that you want??


John Kerry - American Icon

I would like to add my two cents about my John Kerry experience.
During my career as an Air Force pilot, I spent two years
flying a small twin engine prop plane around the Pacific from my
base in Okinawa, Japan. On one trip we had to fly Senator Kerry,
his congressional aide, and a Navy Captain  (Vietnam, A-4
fighter pilot) who was also in Kerry's party to various locations
in Vietnam and Cambodia as part of the MIA/POW talks.

When I met him, he was wearing a shirt with a picture of his
sailboat on it. I told him I had a small 27 sailboat in Okinawa,
he remarked "Oh I never sail on anything less than 135 feet."

When we first flew him into Phnom Penh, he went to the back of
the airplane and grabbed the pizza that was put aside for the
crew and passed it around to his staff. He was never offered
any pizza because they were supposed to have lunch with the
Cambodian government once we landed. The pizza would have been
our only meal that day.

Then when we picked him up in Cambodia, he was an hour late getting
to the airport. We could not start the engines and therefore
the air conditioning until he arrived. Phnom Penh at that time
was over 100 degrees with 95% humidity and we were basically
sitting in a greenhouse behind the cockpit windows. When he
finally did arrive, we were wringing out our clothes from
the perspiration. He walks out of the air conditioned car,
into the airplane and asks us "Could you guys get the air
conditioning running, I'm a little warm?" The other pilot
had to physically restrain me from going back there and
picking a fight.

Then we took him into Noi Bai airfield in Hanoi. After we picked
him up the next day (he stayed the night in Vietnam, we stayed
in Bangkok) we taxied out, ran up the engines for takeoff, and
noticed that our prop rpm was vibrating all over the place. We
taxied off to the side to look at it, but there was a good
possibility that there was an engine malfunction and the engine
may fail if we took off with it.

Well, Mr. Senator sticks his head up in the cockpit and says
"This plane WILL take off, I have a press conference in Bangkok
in three hours!" (Maybe this is an indication of how he will
run the FAA). We ran the engines again, and did not have the
problem, so we took off and made it back.

During the flight, he told everyone how he had taken a Cessna
(a small General aviation plane) up with a fighter pilot, and
the fighter pilot remarked that Kerry was one of the best
pilots he had ever seen.

I don't know about other pilots out there, but it's hard to
imagine a little, single-engine prop plane pilot being able
to show the "right stuff."

After Kerry left the plane, the Navy Captain came up to us,
apologized and said basically that "he knows Kerry is a jerk"
and that we should be glad we don't have to deal with him
every day.

Clinton R. Kindell, CPA P.C.
5600 North May Avenue Suite 137
Oklahoma City, OK 73112
Telephone: 405.848.5590
FAX: 405.848.5542


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