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Home design can be hard. We make it fun.

You want a place that reflects your sensibilities and lifestyle. You also don’t want to spend endless hours reviewing details and pouring over material catalogs. We’ve worked to streamline the process with a focus on making it fun. Oh, and creating something beautiful. Really, really beautiful.

[icon] hand Two ways to design with us.

Choose your path. You can start with one of our ready-made our Standards plans or we can start entirely from scratch and let your imagination roam free.


Start with Standards

We’ve developed architctural plans for studio, one-, two-, and three-bedroom home designs. Start with our construction documents and then modify the layouts and finishes with us to make them your own. A fun, structured process to create permit- and build-ready construction documents.

  • [bottom number black] 1Choose your Standard
  • [bottom number black] 2Modify it with Us
  • [bottom number black] 3Select Materials & Finishes
  • [bottom number black] 4Finalize Build Plans


Fully Custom Design

Love the HUTS aesthetic, but have a grander ambition for your home? A more inspired vision? Our architectural design team works with select clients on completely custom home designs.

  • [bottom number black] 1Concept Development
  • [bottom number black] 2Concept Design
  • [bottom number black] 3Design Development
  • [bottom number black] 4Design Development

Select Standards Projects

Aerie in Accord

This 1800 square foot, 3 bedroom design is nestled into a beautiful, 7-acre stand of first-growth pines. It features a master suite, shou sugi ban siding, and refined interior styling.

Vacation Home in Honesdale

A modern, efficient, 2 bedroom cabin the upper Delaware River Valley. Drenched in sunlit, this space sports an office loft, standing seam metal roof, and wide open glass walls.

Get inspired

Minimalism. Natural Materials. Indoor-Outoor Living. We draw inspiration for our designs from around the world.

Let’s design a little place.

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